reDock en BCMX tekenen partnerschapsovereenkomst | reDock and BCMX sign partnership agreement


Ottawa, August 27, 2019

reDock is happy to announce a new partnership with BCMX for the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) market. Effective today, the Benelux market can experience the added value of reDock’s AI-powered Proposal Search Engine which sifts through corporate data and finds relevant content in seconds.

reDock’s Proposal Search Engine helps subject matter experts and proposal teams harvest relevant segments, charts, slides, project references and answers from their document management systems without the need to manage a centralized library of curated questions and answers. reDock uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to understand our client’s existing content in its current form and location and learn from their users.

About reDock

reDock is a technology firm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help users find vital nuggets of information quickly in large volumes of corporate documents, simplifying document preparation. Based in Ottawa, Canada, reDock was founded by Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, Amlan Gupta, and Raman Gupta. Please visit their website for more information (, send an email to, or contact them by phone (+1-613-319-9986).

About BCMX

BCMX is a Dutch consultancy firm specialized in Bid Management and was founded in 2007 by Bart Meindersma. The main target of BCMX is to create efficient processes, lower transaction costs and higher win rates for their customers. BCMX achieves these targets by strongly positioning the expertise of their customers with the use of data, extensive bid management process improvements, the utilization of cutting edge software tools, delivering high quality consultancy and ad-interim bid management. BCMX is located near Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Please visit their website for more information (, send an email to , or contact them by phone (+31-6-21838278).

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